Dolci Blue& Velvet Blue & Velvet

Velvet is our top Hyacinthine  Macaw  pet breeder here.  She just turned four years old when she gave me her first baby, Phoenix.  
Velvet has been with us since she was five weeks of age with my hand feeding her for two years.  She just did not want to stop eating my formula.  Afterwards I had a friend who was going to Vet School, Cindy Tucker who suggested I buy her boy for my baby Velvet.   I bought this boy thinking I was going to put him with Skippy however, He and Velvet took a shine to one another.  Thus within the year I had babies from this pair.

Dolci Blue& Velvet
Dolci Blue is the large daddy to most Hyacinthine Macaw Babies here.  He is the mate to Velvet and arrived here soon to be three years ago.  He is large, sweet and better temper when he is not breeding.  

Dolci talks and plays with his mate, Velvet most of the time with preparing his nest for the next clutch of eggs.
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