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Smoking around BirdS

 Member writes:
"I've been smoking for a VERY long time, and am always
trying to cut down, or quit...it seems. I HATE it. It
is not easy to quit. I hope I haven't offended anyone, but I really would rather have the money I now use to buy cigarettes, to use elsewhere."

Cherane writes:
Good Day to the Smokers,

I wish I could wave some magic wand and help all who would like to do away with this killer of lungs.
I have COPD both from the occupation I had and smoking.  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease has no cure and thus I will die because of this disease.  
Die, Killer are the words to realize when one  smokes.

I'll give some 'self messages', motivation and suggestions that has helped me to live longer by being smoke free.

1. I want to live

2. expect to hurt a couple of days

3. no easy fix (all these  gadgets way of  quitting  makes others rich)

4. drink lots of water (best helper, gadget to quit)

5. Use an heirloom to spit for the first week. It will turn to glue...kills
you to spit that in your favorite passed down 'heirloom,' and yet what about our lungs?  Look at this to remind your self what you are doing to your lungs.

6. Take your money saved the very first week and buy something your inner self desires.

7. Cling to the higher power and meditate

8. Understand and accept to suffer, the more one suffers the more one will not go back to smoking.  Suffering makes the heart remember.

9.  Write and develop a song to sing each time you want a cig..some of my song is on the front page scrolling at the bottom of my web site.

10. Do breathing exercises

I also choose to quit at the birth of my granddaughter with the 'song in my heart' and 'I want to live' as a defuse in place of killing myself.

After all, the love in our hearts for our birds and transferring that love onto ourselves will sustain us in our new practice in living free of this habit that is a killer.  

I will also make a comment on smoking out side and thinking nothing is brought back to the birds.  I can be around a smoker in a clean environment free of the actual smoke......put me in a room of five people with one being a smoker and I'll go into a coughing fit that you'd think I was dyeing right then and there.  The chemicals or something else lingers around the smoker if not reaps off the body onto the environment and effects my breathing.  It is not the smell or the smoke!

Amazing in a restaurant how a friend could sit across the table from me and have me cough while they smoked and blew in the opposite direction thinking they were not the cause of my condition at that moment.  I've had to 'not' be around those of whom I loved for many years....and yet, looking at them I understood that they don't care enough about themselves how in the world could they possibly be considerate or care about me even though it was obvious their smoke was killing me right in front of their eyes.  I had to let old smoking friends go...out of my life.

My new friends are those who take care of themselves, spiritually, physically and mentally.  I don't have to worry about myself in their midst for they are free of the habit in not only smoking but just about any manner or way of living that will hurt themselves, me or their birds.  We can focus on one another in our conversation rather then distract by lighting up and blowing our lungs.

I ended up in the emergency room six days after I quit.  I had stopped breathing.
My lungs, condition was used to breathing with the sucking in a cig.
I had a time in my life where tobacco was my way of making money to live.
I bed the  seed
transplanted it (both barley and dark
weed it, hoed it
suckered it
cut it down
grade it
hung it to dry
off to the bidding house

I could take a sac of bull derm and wrap a cig like Randolph Scott..with one hand that is how many years I smoked.  switched to Prince Philip tobacco in the can.....

Smoking around birds should never be an issue, Smoking is the issue to the Aviculturist not the birds.
My suggestion is to take care of yourself and taking better care of the birds will follow through and please know that smoking outside does nothing for your lungs.
Take that same 'practice' of caring about your birds and place that onto yourself.

I'm here for anyone who needs support in quitting. The American Red Cross has a wonderful booklet out for support in telling one all the positive events and effects on the lungs and life one can experience in tossing the cigs.

Choose a celebration to quit...as I can leave a legacy to my granddaughter that I cared enough to quit on her birth at the very moment of the call.  I pulled out a cig and the words came to my mind "I want to live to see her
grow up."
Call American Lung Disease for help most of all do give yourself a pat on the back for each time you make an attempt to quit is great...keep up the good work till you succeed and you will succeed.

The wonder of this whole lifestyle today is "health' and 'taking care of oneself' it is in all advertisements, throughout our culture and this will help anyone who wants to go that road instead of the killer path of smoking.
At this moment I'm breathing fairly well....as I write this message of love to all of you.

Cherane Pefley
Aviculture Microbiology foundation, inc.
Evaluating Aviary Management through Microbiology

update:  pijac is the organization of which one should join and be a member for the birds welfare.