HEAVEN ON EARTH AVIAN ACRES by Cherane Pefley    |    
Guarantee Policy

We guarantee our weaned birds to be healthy and disease free at the time of your purchase and the bird(s) leaves our establishment and care.  Our birds are also guaranteed to be free of genetic and/or congenital defects.  

Requirements (This guarantee is void if all the following are not fulfilled)

1. Take your new bird to the vet within 36 hrs of receiving it to ensure that there are no problems(blood testing via mail is also acceptable).
It is a requirement of this guarantee to have all purchased birds from Cherane Pefley to be examined by an Avian Veterinarian within 36 (thirty-six) hours after receiving.
Failure to do so will void this guarantee.  Examination should include, an examination and other tests the certified avian vet thinks necessary to assure the birds health as cc, cultures.
If you do not meet this 36 hr. requirement, and the bird(s)
purchased from us tests positive for any infectious disease, it is
the responsibility of the purchaser to provide proof that any
resident birds are not the cause (your avian veterinarian must provide negative testing for the problem in question from the birds you already own).

2. Do quarantine and test any and all new birds until they are proven to be disease free by your qualified avian veterinarian.

Quarantine: All new birds should be quarantined away from other birds for 60 days. This protects both your existing and new feathered heads.
Proper care: hand washing and changing of clothes, should be practiced between contact with other birds, as well as after contact with pet stores or aviaries prior to re-entering your home.

Provided these conditions are met, any problems will be resolved
on an individual basis, to the satisfaction of both parties.

Return Policy:
We do not accept returns on birds due to unknown exposures while out of my care.   In the event of the death of a recently  purchased bird, the bird must be returned to us intact for necropsy by the Certified Avian Veterinarian.  If the bird was found to have died due to inherent health problems, the bird will be replaced by our aviary, free of charge.

Requirements of this Health Guarantee
This guarantee is void if all the following requirements are not met.

{1} New bird or birds must be taken to an Avian Vet within 72 hours of purchase and must remain quarantined for at least 60 days. All birds should be kept away from heat/air vents as well as direct drafts.

{2} In the event of claim upon this guarantee, you must provide proof of health and past medical history of any  and all other birds owned by buyer past and present.

{3} Bird type, Band number, and dated test results must be provided to Cherane Pefley  for any  health issues are found with  purchased bird by avian veterinarian. If any problems are found during the avian exam, the bird(s) MUST be treated promptly.

{4} Band(s) should never be removed from the bird. If, in the case of medical necessity, a band needs to be removed, it must be done by an avian vet and a Micro chip implanted immediately with records stating band number and microchip number.  
Registration with AVID of band number as well microchip number made by buyer with veterinarian's signature for removal of band and implanting microchip received by AVID company.
Today, most all birds are microchip so registration is required within 36 hours.

{5} In the event of death, the bird must be wrapped in paper towels, placed in a plastic bag and refrigerated (Not Frozen), and taken to a qualified avian vet for Necropsy, including complete histopathology within 72 hours after death
.  All necropsy reports must be sent to Cherane Pefley for evaluation from my Avian vet.
Bird type and Band number MUST be on necropsy /histopathology report.

All requirements of this guarantee are met and the necropsy proves beyond doubt that cause of death originated from Cherane Pefley, refund for the cost of the bird(s), or replacement of bird(s), and cost of the necropsy will be given to the purchaser.  No reimbursement for avian veterinarian examination and tests, cages, supplies or other items related to bird(s) will be made.  Quarantine is buyers responsibility, therefore, Cherane Pefley bears no liability for death or problems occurring in other birds or the new bird caused by transmission of disease.