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I have a contract signed by both parties agreeable at the time of deposit that is made when the baby is three weeks of age and that contract is dated at that time of deposit. Deposit is a 'good faith demonstration of a contract

I use Larry Ringer's contract for bird breeders as the guideline for both the buyer and myself.

1. Date on contract made at time/date of deposit
2. Species with identification as closed band and or microchip (submit a copy of certificate of identification completed by a veterinarian
3. DATE OF HATCH (copy of hatch certificate with logo's of organizations membership
4. PARENT BIRDS ON PREMISES- with their ID'S to substantiate F1-F2
In other words NO BROKERING . I HATE buying a bird thinking it came from one place and then later to find it was brokered to me.
5. I include an 'ending date of this contract with options for renewal by both parties.
an example would be for a Hyacinth baby ...up to one year for weaning.. Scarlet Macaw and BTM the same thing.. if buyer wishes I also add  "sooner".
6. Cost of the bird with balance due after deposit.

Before you hand out a great deal of money to a seller do know and read carefully what your signing on a contract with anyone.  Seek the advise of an attorney if you have any doubts.