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Q: What is an  occupational license, and how do I know if I need one?
A: Anyone conducting business anywhere in Palm Beach County is required to purchase an occupation license from the Tax Collector. This includes home-based businesses as well as businesses operating from a commercial location. Obtaining the license depends on the type of business. You should call the Occupational License office at 561-355-2272. Fees vary depending upon the number of employees, rooms, seats, etc.; however, most start at about $30.00. All licenses expire September 30th of each year. Licenses can be renewed on or after August 1st. New licenses are issued at any time during the year and are pro-rated on April 1st. Any business conducted in a name other than your own legal name (first and last) must be registered with the Secretary of State prior to obtaining an occupational license. If you are conducting business in your corporation name or under a trademark or limited partnership, you are exempt from registering. Forms may be obtained by mail from the Secretary of State at (904) 488-9000. If you need to verify that a business has an occupational license you can call the Occupational License office at 561-355-2272 or visit any of our branch office locations. You may also use the public access terminal in our main office.

HEAVEN ON EARTH AVIAN ACRE      before I planted trees, fruit trees, bushes and plants for the birds diet and perches.   
Driveway leading to my new  HEAVEN ON EARTH AVIAN ACRE with Palm Beach County giving one acre classification to my exotic birds for their domain.

                                                                                                         CLICK THIS IMAGE FOR SLIDE SHOW.
........  and today  . 2009  Palm Beach property tax photo.   I am now finished with  my Orchard of Rare Nut and Fruit Trees, including
Mac trees, Multiberry trees and Star fruit trees.


We are on small acres and in area of animal lovers.   I can watch the horses jump while I clean after my birds.        SEAGRAPES GROWN FOR MY BIRDS
Thus far, since June 2007, I have planted close to two hundres (200) SeaGrapes bushes, twenty (20) gauva trees as hedge, 11 Wax Myrtles Trees and 15 gauva TWENTY FOOT AND LARGER TREES.
15  mature Bottle Brush Tree's like the one in below picture with Xena in the background,4 Lady Shady mature tree's,  All others have been brought to this property from my  Orchid Island Beach House in Vero Beach, Florida.

I planted this bamboo to see how well it would thrive here.  Today, it is a wonderful part of my birds habitat and nicely managable.  
     BAMBOO on Avian Acre          

AMOS AND ANNIE  1981 N  1985

I and my feather heads, dogs and I  LOVE  Loxahatchee Groves, FL.

Pictures taken below taken as I planted in the August of 2007 and beginning of 2008.   My  driveway to my house  after I planted the Royal Palm Trees.      One of the eleven mature Bottle Brush Trees I planted..  My hedge goes around my property.   Hedges are cherry tree bushes and Seagrape bushes, including Wax Myrtle. and Ixora's in the front.    Many pictures of our new plants and tree's I've planted.

                    click on image of Mazzi Rambo for Memorial
XENA   Standing Gurard  have a look at the video of Xena and the Raccoon   goto:  XENA                  KITTO AND XENA week before Kitto                                                                                                                                                                                passed over the rainbow.

Our new addition to our family  THUNDER VON NOBLE  THREE YEARS OLD