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Mike candiazoo@mediaone.net Nice pics!!  Nice babies.  When are you going to fill
in the rest of your album?
Karen Mullins BaliSassy@aol.com What magnificent pictures. I think the Hyacinths are
the most beautiful off all.
Christy hgiel1215@aol.com Thank you for sending me here. We are considering
buying a Macaw and are looking for information and
pictures to help us make our dicision.
Linda ottabeme@aol.com Love the pictures. Helps to see healthy babies.
Wishing I was close enough to see in person.
Good luck and I hope many more.
Ria Ria@creation.nl

Oh boy they are cute, you must have a wonderfull live
to see those little ones hatch and grow up to be those
wonderfull birds. Good luck with them and give them a
kiss from me and Nicky
Richard Mike Ricmon@netzero.com Hi
They look good will you be posting more of your birds
here (Some of the old Ones)
                            Richard Mike   
sue suemal@concentric.net I love this picture in particular. I'd love to see pix
other babies and adults,too. (Scarlets, Eclectus, and
any of your others.

I am fortunate to be a new mommy to 2 of Cherane's
babies. They are everything she says they are....and
more.  Beautiful, beautiful color and very well
Sheri T thompsonzoo1@home.com Love the pictures!!!   Although we have several
parrots, we seem to be partial to the macaws!
Our dream is to one day have a hyacinth!  You
are very lucky to spend your life with these gentle
loving babies!   Keep up the good work & thanks
for sharing your pictures!   
Sheri Thompson
Herb Swanson herbswan@juno.com Great pictures of a beautiful subject. Lets see the
Herb Swanson
Sharon Karat skarat2572@aol.com The birds are all beautiful! Would yu happen to have a
pic. of a Princess Parrot? I will check back again.
Lisa haikina@aol.com Your pictures are adorable.  My hyacinth just turned 5
on june 25.  i bought him as an egg and picked him up
at 4 months.  His name is Haikina, which is Hawaiina
for hyacinth.
Megan g.mikita@worldnet.att.net The babies are beautiful. I've never seen a site quite
like this one. I raise macaws and I love them. It does
me good to see someone who really loves and cares for
her babies. All of the pictures are wonderful. Thank
you very much for sharing this with us.  
Katie Kelley tangobyrd@prodigy.net This is my ultimate dream. Hoping that someday the
birds I have will produce as beautifully as yours.
I have the highest respect for you as a breeder as
well as a person. You can definatly tell that your
heart is with your birds.
Lata Mistry paradiseaviary@sprint.ca Hello Cherane:

What a monkey you have there.  I would love to
personally see these babies but I live to far away.
(Toronto - Canada).  My dream is one day to have a
Hyacinthe Blue Maccaw and believe it or not.......a
black palm cockatoo.  Right now I'm working on the
cash side of things.  Anyways, if you don't mind, I
have used your picture as a desktop wallpaper.  If
it's preferred by you not to then let me know and I
will take it off.  I really enjoyed looking at your
pictures.  Thank  you for the opportunity.

Cindy CROB3333@aol.com This bird is so cute! What a personality, My daughter
loved looking at the pictures with me! Shes only 7 and
LOVES big birds! Thanks for sharing with us!
Cindy equinegold@aol.com Cherane,  Am so very pleased with how Dolci Blue is
doing in your care.  I miss him so much, he has so
much character.  It is obvious that he has bonded
wonderfully with Velvet.  A match made in heaven!
Keep up the good work and I'll be back to check up on
my little boy regularly.  Give him a kiss for me and
tell him mom loves and misses him!
Dolci Blue Cherane@aol.com

Hi Cindy, Yes your boy has made himself at home with
us. He does love his Velvet and giving use muuchooo
babies.. However,he'll only have one mommy and that is
you.  I'm just the owner who bought him....:):)  

He give his love back to you with a yell or two.. :)
take care of your self Cindy,
Pam oceansturf@aol.com I have seen many of these cuties.  The TLC and care
Cherane gives them is something to behold.  Anyone
getting one of these birds should feel very fortunate.
Diane N. Dempsey DDemp1119@aol.com I love to visit this site.  I WILL one day include a
hyacinth in my family!   They are such gorgeous,
magnificent birds.  Keep me in mind should you have a
special bird, older or young, as long as he loves

Again, thanks for making this site available.  You
certainly do a good job.

Sincerely, Diane
Chris Petrosh scp5902wep@worldnet.att.nat Cherane...the pics are truly beautiful!!  What a
variety.I know how thrilled you must have been to get
your first hy baby.  I was breathless when I got my
first egg.  Thank you for all the help you have given
me with my hy baby.  You are a wonderful person to
give out the "secrets" of hy babies!!

Chris Petrosh
Sassafras Aviary
Richard A. Osias Osias1@aol.com 24 January 2000  Dear Cherane, This album is almost as
beautiful as your Hy-babies, displayed, within.
Naturally, I am prejudiced to Indigo Blue, whose photo
appears, adjacently herein, as recently I adopted this
gentle giant. Indigo, a brawny, hardy, and stalwart
male, is possessed of a rare balance of character. He
is a strong courageous, independent, and stalwart
creature of compelling love, yet he is also
affectionate, compassionate, docile and sweet.
Your breeding competency is obviated in the
aforementioned personality profile. Thank you for
raising this "Mighty," sweet giant, I am proud to
call my "feathered son."   Richard A. Osias
Jon/Wicket fint@psln.com Thanks for sharing you birds with us.  I have never
seen a Hy up close and personal and I would dearly
love to one day be able to meet one.  Thanks again.
Linda Lincomacaws@webtv.net

All your birds and babies are so beautiful.  You are
all very lucky to have each other.
The babies and those bulging crops are just precious.
Kate kmison@aol.com You are a very lucky lady to have such beautiful birds
and their babies

do you have any weight records for the adults?
I'm writing an article on hyacinths for our clubs
newsletter and can find no mention of weights

from Kate
joel  jmgjimenez I enjoyed going through your photo album.

I was hoping that I would bea bel to read more about
your set up. How big your cages are, are they flight
or aviaries? What type of nest box you use? What you
feed your breeders? do you leave them alone or do you
still interact with the breeders? What in your mind
owuld be the dkey success factor in breeding the

Thanks and keep up the great work. Its great that you
are successful in breeding these majestic birds.

Shayne Smith angie_shayne@email.msn.com You have done a WONDERFUL job, not only with the Hy's
but with your webpage!!! Thanks It is a pleasure to
see such dedication on your behalf...

Joe Baker TigerManHI@aol.com I enjoyed the photos and especially the videos!
Thanks for opportunity to view them.
kaye donivan kbrd1@aol.com They are wonderful. I have 6 macaws including a young
pair of bluethroats and enjoy every min. with them
all. My "babies" make me smile even after a bad day
@work and we are some flock.
Love all the photos...best of luck with them all
Linda Seger linda.seger@att.net Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures which
so nicely compliment the wisdom you are sharing with
other aviculturists.

Linda Seger
Treetops Aviary
Karen Dumontet kheffd@aol.com Thank you for the thrilling pictures.  Hopefully
someday I'll have a baby of my own!
carol white carroll52@pvtnetworks.net

Andrew Haworth ahaw10@aol.com Hi we live in the U.K. Our Hyacinth is called Henry,
he was the best thing that ever happened to us,Keep up
the breeding program, it sounds like your doing a
great job!
               Regards Andrew & Melinda Haworth  
Nick Petrosh csp5902wep@worldnet.att.net Cherane was very inspirational during her visit to my
aviary.  After her visit to my aviary things it became
easier to manage.  It took less time to care for the
birds and cleaning was easier.  The birds are happier
now in their new enviroment and breeding more.
Although there were  many problems, she tackled them
one by one and explained why the changes needed to be
made.  Even if you think your aviary is productive a
visit from Cherane is surely a good investment in the
business.  I plan to have her back to design my baby
room in the near future.  Take it from me, it is well
worth the time, money and effort to have her come and
visit.  You won't be disappointed!!

Nick Petrosh
Sassafras Aviary
Craig Woodhull cwood21@aol.com You have my DREAM parrots !!!! ( And They Are VERY
beautiful ) I only wanted to add a blue and gold to my

bird room, but you had to have this site.  :0)
The PICS. are so wonderful. Thank You soooo much for
the Great site. (Yes you are bookmarked ! ) Off to
look some more.
matthew mhmack30@yahoo.com I love the sites and the gorgeous photos.  The pet
store at which I consult purchased 2 glorioius baby
red fronts; they are SO SPECIAL that I am taking one
home.  You would be hard pressed to find nicer babies
anywhere!  I would not hesitate to buy a baby from
Cherane or hire her as a consultant.  You won't be
Hugh Rhatigan hrhatigan@hotmail.com Great pictures
I am in the process of building up my collection of
macaws at the moment I have six pairs
1 military
2 greenwing
3 yellow collared
4 scarlet
5 blue / gold
6 hahn
I would appreciate any tips on breeding them ,each
pair has 16x8x8 flight and a 4x4x8 internal flight
with a nest box in each
Yours Sincerely Hugh Rhatigan
DJS WORLD DJSWORLD2@AOL.COM I have always wanted a parrot to love and become part
of my familey, All of my pets have been chosen with
much thought and lots of studing the differnt breeds
so they are right for my familey and can grow old with
us, I adopt them as if they were a child, a life time
comentment.I have three very loveley dogs and no birds
at thise time.My studing of differnt breeds has really
made me fall in love with the Macaws I really like the
hyacinths, and the blue and gold the books I have
found are a little out dated and would like more info
to help me decide between the two Thank you  
Angel Angeldoll00@aol.com  Your hyacinth are breath takingly beautiful , would
love to see other macaws on your site as well .
Tony Jackson tjackson@lisco.com Yout Birds are beautiful.  We are looking to buy a
macaw and just to see your gorgeous bird make me want
one even more.
Jessica sapphire_moon_princess@hotmail.com I loved those pictures.  Hyacinthine Macaws are so
beautiful!  Even though I'm only 14, I love
Macaws and wish to have one (or two) when I get older.
 I've never meet one in real life before, but by
pictures and information about them, I'm still
fascinated in them.  Again, I loved those pictures!
My favorite ones were 'Sapphire' & 'Apollo'.  You have
beautiful Hyacinthine Macaws!
Nina jacooo1@yahoo.com You have some great parrots.

From Nina

shelly littlemouse109@msn.com Yor birds are very beatiful, and I have had the chance
to hand feed a hyacinthine macaw.. I really enjoy
being with the hyacinthine macaw we have at my work.
He is year and a half and he is just wonderful and
very special to me. He is now doing some tricks i have
tought him and now saying a few words to me after the
store has closed.. he always tells me (Nite, nite. but
the only thing is that he doesnt like me after i groom
him.. What can i do so he doesnt get mad at me after
grooming him. It will take him about two weeks berfore
he will come to me after that.. ty you  
Bill bray@cyou.com Beautiful birds! beautiful web site
Very Pleased to see the REAL blue bird of happiness
being well cared for!
Thanks for the visual trip!
Mark M. toucans@bwkip.com What a great place.I really enjoyed it. Thank You. Mark
Frank Carson carson@freedomcage.com It was a personal pleasure visiting your site.  You
obviiously have both the beautiful birds and their
owners at the forefront of your endeavors.  It would
be an honor if you would consider trading links with
our own web site; we too want only the best for our
pet birds and their habitats.  Sincerely, Cage
Avianix, Inc.   
Lynne Taglioli lynnewtag@home.com Dear Cherane,
What a wonderful site you have built here.  I have
enjoyed my visit very much and will be back frequently
for peeks at your updates.  
I am just now learning about the love of birds in my
life.  They are truly "Love Sponges" and splendid
creatures, in my humble opinion.  Even my dreams have
a hard time holding onto hopes of ever being owned by
a Hyacinthine Macaw; but admiration could breed the
dream maybe, huh?  
For now I will be owned by my baby cockatiel, Happy;
and look forward to when my little 5 week old Blue and
Gold Macaw, Lucy, gets to come home.
My question to you would be:  The song that plays when
this page opens
:{http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/static/1693/index.htm}, is it Xena singing?  
Thank you for the visit.  It is a wonderful thing you
are doing for this endangered species.
Blessings for each of you and yours; this is what I
pray for.  
I loved this page also:  {http://www.cherane.com}.
From Denver, Colorado
October 16, 2001
Rein Baker bigparrots@aol.com Hy's are such beautiful and loving macaws.  It shows
you love your birds very much.  Nice web site.
yun iskandar purimed@indosat.net.id I am very happy to visit this site,maby someday i will
visit you personely if you don`t mine. thank`s n my
Sharon K Rupp Zetamoon@msn.com Cherane,
It seems mundane to say once again as many others
have....your birds are byond words!  You are a
responsible bird momma!
Thank you for sharing!
I share my life with two macaws and am newly married.
I am in the process of moving to the northwest to be
with my new husband. He is so excited about the
prospect of living with 2 macaws and a quaker that he
has bought them all beautiful cages.  He has much to
learn! He is an animal lover with a wonderful, caring
Thanks again for the beautiful web site.
Sara Beth Scudder h2oshine@hotmail.com What beautiful parrots!!
Mave msmoongazer@shaw.ca Nice to see happy birds. I too have a big blue boy
named Meeko. I purchased him when he was still and
egg. Although this was a money down investment and I
did not bring him home until he was 7 months old. He
is now 11 and we are the best of buddies. Safe to say
we will grow old together. Hyacinthine macaws are
definitley amazing and beautiful creatures. I feel
blessed to have one in my life.

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Christy hgiel1215@aol.com This is my very first visit to photopoint. U think
this is something I could really enjoy.  
Jo Rios si-como-no@webtv.net

Dearest Cherane,

You're famous!!  You made the cover of Photopoint!!
Diseased Aviary?  Puh-leeeze!
Knowing you like I do, your aviary is cleaner than my
kitchen, and perhaps even my plates.  Your babies are
adorable, see I told you you're smarter than me, thats
why when your little babies start to feather, they
have BLUE feathers emerging instead of PINK ones like
I've got.  Some day Cherane,
Some day!!!  Jo
Jeff Scism Scismgenie@juno.com Hi Cherane, I am researching the Pefley/ Peffley
lines, drop me a note, or visit the website:

Jeff Scism
Tobie de Villiers tmdv@gardenet.co.za Sorry to hear of your lost while visiting my country.
Also congrats on the 2 Hyacinth babies got it on
Have a look at my album when u get a chance.
BTW, if i may ask, who did u visit in south africa. Do
u perhaps know Dr Niscke (avianvet) in Cape Town
Tobie de Villiers tmdv@gardenet.co.za Sorry to hear of your lost while visiting my country.
Also congrats on the 2 Hyacinth babies got it on
Have a look at my album when u get a chance.
BTW, if i may ask, who did u visit in south africa. Do
u perhaps know Dr Niscke (avianvet) in Cape Town
Nancy tailfeather@olypen.com SoooUgly!  SooooCute!!  What a darling pair!  Thanks
for sharing that delightful pic.
Deborah Zoodebo Ah would that someday I could have baby Hys and RF
like yours!!!  I also went to Africa- Kenya and Egypt.
Took 60 rolls of film, 30 spent on increasingly closer
shots of my first Giraffe!!!  Great album.
Brenda Kay hillbillymama@msn.com very nice  photos  I have a blue& gold but wish I
ever have one of these birds you must be a lucky lady
    Thanks for letting me look.:)
Richard A. Osias Osias1@aol.com Date: Fri Sep 01 18:01:40 GMT-04:00 2000
Name: Richard   A. Osias
E-Mail: Osias1@aol.com            

2 September 2000    Honolulu, Hawaii   
Aloha Cher, and Fellow Macaw Lovers,    

Indigo Blue, of Cherane's magnificent breeding, has
been my feathered Son for over two years, since he
was approximately nine months of age. Shown here
with his adoptive mother, Tanja,

Indigo enjoys many human friends.  Sensing the
innocence of children, whom he quickly and most
readily accepts their friendships after his first
"eye to eye contact," this being the way of his
human interview determining the security, or lack,
thereof to a furthering relationship.    

Unlike most other macaws I have observed, however,
typical of "Cherane's Flock," children are safe and
secure in the powerful clutches of her gentle giant
Hyacinths, given a bit of maturity,i.e., one year
of age, and adult supervision.  I have added the
words, "Adult supervision" to err to caution and
to avoid multitudinous criticism of the dyed in
the wool, disbelieving macaw fancier, advocating
not to allow children near a macaw, however, to
whom the family Doberman, often of a split
personality,  is a Cool Child's Companion.

Cherane's kids ARE docile creatures possessing
heart's bigger than their bodies, and unbelievable
mental capacities, with the uncanny ability to reason.
 (Again, I present a theorem which may be easily
attacked with tons of literature.) I write this
truism, nonetheless, being of a macaw literate mind,
possessed of greater than Thirty years of personal

Indigo Blue is the protector of my Seven and Two Year
old daughters. He plays with children of all ages, in
the parks and on the beaches of Hawaii, where we now
live. I do not advocate this freedom, absent
prior training and continued surveillance.

Once you have a Cher-Hy, the best of America's bred
macaws, it is an imperative, to realize that you must
raise and train these children as they have been bred,
WITHOUT DEVIATION, with positive reinforcement, absent
any and all negative treatment.     

One must accord the liberal use of time and doting
attention, emphasizing LOVE, as the only means of
communication, to achieve the continuum of education
for Cherane's children of love, as they were bred
with love, food  and water from "day one."    

If you are wishing to have a macaw in your family,
then bring the best and the most into your home.  
Get to know one of Cherane's macaws, each and all
being the best of their breed.     

All breeders claim the same affinity and the dearest
of loving affection to and for their stock, some
shedding a tear to be observed by the purchaser on
departure, to then ugh all the way to the bank.
I must write, that "Some other breeders are truly

However, I know no other, as Cher, to spend years
of endless sessions with the adoptive parents of
her kids, to insure the well being of the new
family formation.    

Name the issue of required advise, and she'll
provide  the answer, or conduct the research
required, to  accordingly achieve the expertise,
If the issue is new to her, (And such would
be rare), e.g., to name the best Avian vet
in Honolulu.    

Thank you, Cher for giving me a love of my life,  
One of my children, and my only son, Indigo Blue


Richard A. Osias  
Honolulu, Hawaii    
E-mail: Osias1@aol.com  

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Richard A. Osias Richard_A_Osias@aol.com Dear Cherane,

Thanks for being a breeder of superior birds.
Thanks for the loving devotion you give to each of
your bird kids.
Thanks for placing each in a proper home, ergo, giving
every one of your feathered children the greatest
opportunity for being loved within a secure safe and
stable environment.
Thanks, most of all,Cherane for you warm and devoted

Fondly and Admiringly,


sing schauf sing@sunline.net What a cute "chick" {:-)

Great idea!  Thanks for sharing & caring...that's what
God says we should do.

Cindy Crob3333@aol.com Your babies are beautiful!!Thank you for sharing them
with us.
Laurella Desborough Eclectusci@aol.com Dear Cherane,

You have two beautiful vosmaeri girls...lucky you!

I also enjoyed the photos of the babies. They all look
so adorable don't they? I like the sweet quality in
eclectus babies.

Best wishes,

Laurella Desborough

Jason JasonKlink@aol.com The baby girl that is in this photo is mine.  She is
the most loving little baby!  Cherane truely cares
about all her babies and it shows through their loving
hearts.  She also makes sure that they all go to the
best homes.  I am so luckly that I was able to get
such a good one.  Cherane not only was there before
the sale, but has stood my her bird after the sale as
well. Showing how much she loves her little ones!  And
to Cherane all I can say is a great big THANK YOU!

jessica babywing@olypen.com Cherane, Thanks for sharing the photos of your birds.
They are all Gorgeous!!
Gail Scovil nelsco@nb.sympatico Love your Web.  I live in New Brunswick, Canada.
I have a pair of Red Sided Eclectus, both 5 years
They had 4 babies last year.  They are really pets,
but happen to want to have babies also.  Lots of fun.
I'll be back
Art Scott arscott@marlboro.edu I really enjoyed touring your aviary and bird
families, as well as seeing the highlights of your
trip to Africa, you are blessed to be surrounded by
such exotic and beautiful creatures.
Linda flax1e@aol.com Cherane,
Your birds are absolutely breath taking.
I longed for a male & when the time is right, I would
like you to be the person I will go to.
I have this page bookmarked & shall visit it often.
Thank you for sharing
Jo Rios si-como-no@webtv.net


Your Eclectus are beautiful, and by the looks of this
photo, they are beautifully set up with protection
from wind, a spacious environment, exposure to fresh
air and sunlight, and I'll bet some good chow too.
When we are considerate of our birds needs, they
reward us with a bountiful harvest of lovely babies to
be cherished by future owners....this is as it should
be...this is a good thing.

Becky Botts rbotts@alltel.net Cherane,
Is my sweet "Glossie" Mango? Thanks for sending me the
info to see the pictures. My family really enjoyed
seeing them. I will send you a picture of us and you
can post it as the parents of Mango if you would like.
I'll do that as soon as I can. Becky...
Chrissy cutepaws@adelphia.net I saw your site and love the photos. I have 3 solomon
island eclectus parrots and hope to one day add a vos
female to my little flock. I also read on your web
site about your stolen scarlet. My deepest condolances
go out to you. Living here in Florida put us at great
risk for bird thefts. I hope you eventually find out
who did this and that they get the punishment they

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Craig webmaster@craigharris.org Love your Cape Parrot pictures. It is hard to find
any. Take a look at my baby Thor's Cape Parrot page
Millie africabird@aol.com  Your photo's look absolutely fabulous. I wish I could
have seen the robustus robustus in real life. Thanks
for sharing.  Millie
Jean Pattison afqueen@gate.net Your pics are great. Of course I really loved the ones
from Africa, and the ones of the Cape parrots in

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Frank Paris marshalt@spiritone.com This is a Blue-Fronted Amazon. So you like parrots!
Check out my PhotoPoint site of my Julie, a Galah
(Rose-breasted cockatoo). Many pictures of her flying
in my home.

Carly B. Byrdlady01@aol.com Hello.  The bird is a Blue-front Amazon.  He sure is
beautiful as is your Hyacinth Macaw.  I like all types
of birds but the Amazons are my favorite.  I love
their personalities.  I have two birds, a ten year old
male Pied Cockatiel and an eighteen month old
Double-Yellow Head Amazon.  You are very lucky to have
this beauty visit you.      

Kathy d4lam@aol.com I agree, this is a beautiful blue front Amazon.  We
have a pet blue front, with super personality; Also I
have a pair that raise babies for me.  But how lucky
you are to be able to enjoy them more naturally!
Where do you live?  Your hiacinth is fabulous!  
Ginger PETCUTTERY@aol.com It is hard to see the hen. The other two are blue
fronts as the other posters said. My eyes are out
today but the hen looked like she may have more yellow
on head. Is she the same as the Father. possible
hybrids here on the baby. Maybe start a new Florida
breed LOL like the Cinnimon Mutaions green cheeks in
Palm beach.
Rich riitaalin@webtv.net

I thought first that it was
a double yellew head,but will
agree that it is probably a blue
I have a Tucaman Amazon which is
pretty rare. He says and does about
everything. You truly are blessed!
enjoy and LOVE them! Rich
Sherri sherri@arrk.com Hello, they definately look like Blue Front Amazons to
me. Nice photos.

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Sue Malkin suemal@concentric.net Beautiful.
Jeanette JRilling@aol.com Pied Crow actually - Corvus albus

Jo/handysgal handyman32_98@yahoo.com Your trip to Africa looks like sooooo much fun! Cant
wait to do things like that when my kids grow up and I
have free time and money LOL:)

Loved the birds!! Your macaws are beautiful!! I have a
quaker but for Christmass hubby says I can get one big
bird. ( or which ever species I choose)

Tammy MsExcel2@aol.com Thank You for sharing your pictures...they are
beautiful!  Wow, something to treasure and share with

How did you and your birds make it with the storms?  I
do hope the rain and storms have gone away...we need

Claire Lelli clelli@aol.com Hi Cherane....isn't it amazing how they lay around all
day a let the world pass by!!!!!!!!!!!