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Business experience creditied by Indian River Community College     
Certified Adjunct Professor     I.R.C.C.      Fort Pierce, FL   1985-1993
San Diego Institute for Transactional Analysis, La Jolla, California, Paris, Canada 1977-1981.  
Nutrition                                       Eli Lilly                                Indianapolis, Indiana              1959-1963
Nutrition                                       Shyne  Foundation, Inc.      Loxahatchee,FL    1991-present
Cosmetologist    Indianapolis, Indina 1961;    Florida State Board of Cometology  1965
Teen Reporter                             Indianapolis Star                     Indianapolis,Indiana                  1954-1957  
Assistant/Manager                     Royal Academy                       Indianapolis,Indiana                  1957-1960
Manager                                       Royal PlaceAcademy              Indianapolis,Indiana                  1960-1963
Assistant Manager                     Salon Dior                                 Indianapolis,Indiana                  1963-1964                                    
Owner /CEO                                Lakewood Park Salon             Fort Pierce,Florida                     1964-1967
Owner/CEO                                 Dior Building                            Fort Pierce,Florida                     1967-2005
Owner/CEO                                 The Dior Room                        Fort Pierce,Fl                              1970-1975
Founder/Executive Director     SAM  Inc.                                 Florida Division of Corp.            1969-1975
Owner/Contractor                      Section 8 HUD                         Fort Pierce,Fl                              1981-1998
Owner/CEO                                 Suite A Confidential                Vero Beach, StateFL                  1996-2001
Founder/Executive Director     Aviculture Microbiology Foundation Inc. (Non profit) 501 C3
FL Division of   Corp.                                                                    Vero Beach,FL                         1994-Present  
Owner/CEO                                Heavenly Aviary                        Vero Beach,FL.                     1989-Present

Teen Reporter                         Indianapolis Star                                    Indianapolis, Indiana                1953
Cosmetology                            State Board of Indiana                           Indianapolis, Indiana      1962-1964
Cosmetology                            State Board of Florida                            Tallahassee,FL            1964-present
Certified Zionist Educator      Temple Beth El                                      Fort Pierce,FL                            1975
Organizational Transactional Analysis - San Diego Institute for Transactional Analysis, La Jolla, California                                                                                                                                                 977-1979             
Adjunct Professor   Indian River Community College                        Fort Pierce,FL                 1985-1993
Youth Advisor                           SEFTY                                                   Southeast  Fl                    1984-1989
Certified Veterinary Care        (PIJAC) Pet Joint Advisory Council Washington DC                           1992
Certified Avian Specialist         (PIJAC) Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council  Washington DC         1994
CIDESCO USA  Candidate Certification, USA National Cosmetology Association 1997;
Model Aviculture Program       (MAP)                                                                                             1998-2004  
Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks of US           Invention                                                         1994


Paramedical Consultants, Inc.   Progressive clinical Insights                                                       1996-2002
Clinical Skin Care                       Medical Journal for Skin Clinicians                                             1996-2002
Exhibitor                                    International Aviculturist Society                                                           1995
American Federation of Aviculture                                                                                                   1992-2001
Judge                                         National Beekeepers Association                 Florida                                1981
Associate   (Swimming             Special Olympics                                            Florida                     1970-1973                                                                
Associate Power Lifting           Special Olympics                                            Florida                     1985-1989     
Curatorial Consultant               W. Douglas Rosa Exhibitions                       Port St. Lucie,FL     1966-1975
Specialized Training                 Transactional Analysis, with Hedges Capers   San Diego Institute for Transactional Analysis,                                                                            La Jolla, California            1977-1979                    
Specialized Training                 Transactional Analysis                            Tampa,Florida              1975-1980                                                                                                                           
Human Resources                    Professional Trainee                                 Paris, Canada                          1981
Adjunct Professor                     Personal Modification                             Fort Pierce,  FL             1986-1993           
Freelance Researcher              Hill country Aviary                               Dripping Springs,TX  1992-Present
Producer & Director                 Lakewood Park Association                   Fort Pierce, FL              1964-1989     
Freelance Researcher              Voren Research Institute for Psittacultural Science Loxahatchee, Florida                        1992-2002                      
Psittaculture Alliance              Kingfisher Veterinary Clinic       Boksburg,South  Africa            1998-1999
Aviculture Consultant             Heavenly Aviary                                    Vero Beach, FL           1992-present
Specialty Organization            American Federation of Aviculture     Freelance Researcher                
Owner/CEO                             Psittaculture/ Aviculture     CAFÉ                                            2000-present

Patent     Psittacine Hand-Feeding Device & Psittacine Hand-Feeding Method.           Invention      1995
Author             Work Book (Certified Course      Personal Modification                                                   1985                                  
Artist Indiana  Coliseum)                                      Creative Hair         
Artist                                                    Certificate of Honor                                                                          1964   
Artist/Life Drawing                             Center of the Arts Museum        Vero Beach, FL                
Contributing Photographer               Published Book              African Parrot                                          1999  
Freelance Researcher & Contributing Photographer   Published   Book    A Guide to Macaws          2003
Contributing Photographer  American Federation of Aviculture   P.fuscicollis,fuscicollis by Scott Lewis        
Owner/CEO/Author/Publisher           Web Designs                                                                   1992-present
    d.        (Educational online Courses                                          
Author          Work Book      2003     Aviculture Microbiology (reference guide for Psittaculturist)     
Agent                                       United Way Agency                     Fort Pierce, Fl                              1979-1984
Case Management                 Epileptic Foundation                   West Palm Beach, Fl                    1974-1980
Associate                                 Special Olympics                          Vero Beach, Fl                              1975-1987               
Founder/Executive Director    Tri-County Epileptic, Inc        Florida Division of Corp.             1977-1983   
Speaker (Senate Delegate)   National  Children's Coalition       Fort Pierce, FL                                     1975               
Coordinator           Federal Emergency Management Agency  Vero Beach, FL                         2004-2006                   
Artist/Paintings Exhibitor    Harbor Federal S&L                FL                                                      1983-1990                                                                                                                                                                                   
Benefactor                               Saint Lucie Theater Guild          Fort Pierce,FL                              1973-1983
Benefactor                               Foreign Physicians                      Vero Beach,FL                             1999-2001
Educator                                  Temple Beth El                             Fort Pierce,Fl                               1975-1981
Vice- President                       Beta Sigma Phi                              Fort Pierce,Fl                                       1970
Youth Guidance Counselor    Temple Beth Shalom                   Vero Beach,FL       
Youth Advisor                         NFTY placeSouthern                   Vero Beach,Fl                          1985-1988
Educator -Jewish History     Temple Beth Shalom                    Vero Beach,FL                        1984-1987        
Zionist Educator                     Temple Beth El                                Fort Pierce, FL                                  1975
Associate Fashion  Coordinator         The Moorings Club            Vero Beach,Fl                                     1985
Model                                        Temple Beth El  Sisterhood                   FL                                     1975-1980
Benefactor                               (E. Voren) U.S. National Taekwondo Championships                             1995

Certificate of Honor                    Royal  Academy                           Indianapolis,Indiana             1963-1964
Grants for non profit ETC         United Way Agency                      Fort Pierce, Fl                                     1977  
Grants for Non Profit (ETC)     University of Florida                                                                                1976
Bronz Supporter                  American Federation of Aviculture                                             Present
Executive Director              Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc                                    2000-Present
Member   Commercial        American Federation of Aviculture                                              2007-Present    
Sustaining  Member            Aviculture Society of America
Member                                Creative People      Bombay, India                                                2001-Present        
Member                                VSPN-Veterinary Information Network                                     2000-Present
Psittaculture Alliance         World Trust Parrot   USA    Stillwater, MN      2004   OUT

American Federation of Aviculture     Specialty Organziation                                            1999      presnt
Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc.  specialty organization American Federation of Aviculturist
Horticulture, Photography, Scrabble, Web Master/Designs , International Aviculture & Psittaculture Alliance  Internet Forums  
Psittaculture/ Aviculture  BREEDERS  CAFÉ                                                                          2000-Present