Subj: This Birds Story Shall Be of Particular Interest To Cherane, Carmen & Tanja (There)
Date: 11/2/00 7:57:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Osias1

This excerpt from the 1 November edition of the local newspaper, should be of particular interest to Cherane, scornfully, Carmen, warningly, and Tanja, the caller of the Fire Department:

Ready for a pet story? Wailupe firefighters performed a special ladder operation recently after getting a call from a distraught bird lover, whose $13,000. blue macaw, INDIGO BLUE flew off his shoulder and onto an Eighty foot tall Evergreen tree, swaying wildly in the Trade Winds. Seeing his owner and hearing his loving calls, Indigo flew in the darkening dusk to the largest landing strip near his owner-pal, a Thirty foot high water tower.

"He could do little more as the darkness closed in and he could not make a secure flight to his owner.
The owner could not get the big blue bird to come to him, even via a Thirty foot PVC line that he had rigged, and was holding up, against the increasing winds, was to the perch Indigo had established atop the water tank at the top of Hawaii Loa Ridge. He just could not get the bird to come down, in the night so he called us, and we laddered up the tank, and the owner climbed up to get Indigo," recalls Captain Jubi Coito of Wailupe's own "Second Watch."

"Indigo seemed happy and relieved, as he jumped right on his master's arm." Coito has always been a
friend of the feathered ones." What would he have otherwise done? Indi's master explained that he had
planned to stay there all night, till the hardware store opened, when he would have asked his girlfriend, Tangb, to have purchased an extension ladder.



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