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 Growth of Hyacinthine Macaws


We monitored the reproduction of the Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) in Nhecolândia, in Pantanal of MS since jan/91. In the period from set/91 to mar/92, 28 pairs had reproductive success. To accompany the growth and development of the chicks, we selected 9 nests that produced 15 chicks, with 80% survivorship rate. Three chicks died before the fifth day of age.

The average weight was 31.6g (dp=8.12). The tarsometatarus averaged 10.7mm (dp=1.12) and the wing 15.6mm (dp=0.96). The female spends most of the time inside the nest. Gradually, the chick's body becomes covered with black down feathers. The blue feathers on the head, wing and tail appear in average on the 22 day of life (N=11, interval=20-25 days, dp=2.36). The eyes open in average with 22.8 days of age (dp=1.75). The egg tooth desappears in average with 73.5 days of age (dp=10.15). With the mean age of 77.3 days (dp=4.47) the chicks reach the maximum weight, whose average is 1.452.50 grams (dp=132.65). With the chicks' growth and getting close to the time of fledging, the pair spends 34% of its time out of the nest, because they go out together to look for food and collect food for the chicks, wich is basically constituted of acuri (Scheelea phalerata) and bocaiuva palm nuts (Acrocomia totai). There is an alternation on the pair's tasks, as much on the nest's sentinel, as to clean the chick's feathers and flight rehearsals. The chicks fledged in average at 107 days of age (N=10, intervalo 97-120, dp=7). The first flights were clumsy and insecure, but the parents are always attentive and careful. On this phase, they lose a little weight, wich averages at fledging 1.283 grams (N=10, interval1.090-1.400, dp=93.00). The average total length is 648mm (dp=38), the tail measures in average 300mm (dp=26), and the medium tarsometatarus is 43mm (dp=0.63).


GUEDES, N.M.R. Crescimento e desenvolvimento de filhotes de arara azul (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) na natureza. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE ORNITOLOGIA, III, Anais, Pelotas-RS, 1993. R53.

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