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    SCARLET                                      Mommy to my Scarlet's   (Mate was stolen                       

 Scarlet Macaws

Baby and Rupert ( Rupert is the offspring of Scarlet (above) and Blaze (stolen)  

 Here are Rupert and Baby..                Mind me Baby! get away from her Rupert says.

Baby left and Rupert right eating his apple while Baby eyes his apple.  Taken in my  yard.

Baby says, I want your apple                                                     Baby (left) & Rupert (right) unhappy  with the missing apple



                                                                                                               Rupert says, ' stop that, stop  that.........

Tim Sweeney and his partner, Cole came four weeks later after the buy of the Golden Conures and RoseBreasted Cockatoos.      This is what I call satisfied Purchasers of my pairs.  THEY RETURNED ONE MONTH  AFTER PURCHASING THE GOLDEN CONURES TO PURCHASE THIS PAIR OF SCARLETS.   They got prime Macaws, Rupert and Baby, Both DNA Male and Female.

Apollo is protecting  his lady as she heads into the nestbox      
Apollo and Skippy            Apollo on guard   and Skippy running to her box as he directs her....                                     she is in the Box as I'm shooting.

Apollo is head in box and tail out.                    Both are in the Box
 lost Skippy as a direct result from the Hurricanes.

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