Be sure to register your birds microchip.  
Prevent stolen or smuggled birds from being in your possession
call number below and check microchip number.
                                                     800-336-2843     ex2003  
 When you make an appointment with the qualified avian veterinarian make sure you ask
the birds ID chip # be included on all records
and the veterinarian scans for the microchip number and verify with you that number as the number on your reciept.

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I found few shady sellers on the Internet. One must be thoughtful  while  purchasing to avoid stolen,smuggled or lost birds.  If your seeking a offspring from an aviary ,you must ask the questions to make sure your getting what your paying for regarding buying from any  seller.

I have been approached by a many buyers  that wanted guidelines in purchasing a Hyacinth Macaw with inquiry.
Reputations seems to be approval from Internet group(S), authors or lecturers.  
Here is something a buyer can read  to ask the questions and know how an ethical bird breeder will conduct their business on a daily routine.

Aviary on Acacia   
 Purchasing Birds Guidelines and Principles

Questions to ask the seller of the Hyacinth

1.   Are the babies from your aviary the offspring from your pairs of birds you own and in your possession?  Do you give the names of the parent Hyacinth's?
YES.       All babies from my aviary are offspring from my pet pairs.  I'm on my 17th year of practicing Aviculture since 1989.  Breeding the Hyacinthine Macaw has been an easy task for me.    My 13  year old Pet,Velvet, I raised since she was five weeks (1994) of age. Velvet gave me her first hatch healthy baby while in her pet cage with  her playmate Dolci, just three months past turning four years of age.

My  Aviary  is  'closed' to the public.  I do not have visitors to  my Aviary.
With this practice, my Babies avoid all risk to Viruses by piggyback visitors such as:  Beak and Feather, Polyoma  and other identified viruses.   Also, our  pet breeders and their offspring  avoid any bacteria and fungus from visitors  other sources  by my *closed* policy.
 Please clink the link to read rec.pets.birds with my message written on Date: 1996/07/02

2.  What do you put in your contract for my benefit   to demonstrate I'm getting what I'm paying?
  Our contract  has the microchip number,   date of hatch, parent s name.

3.   Do you send pictures while I wait for my baby to wean?
  I have been known to make up a baby collage for my buyers for their baby from day one through weaning?  
4. Is there a guarantee in writing?
                Guarantee Policy

5.  Do you own the parents?
        Yes, I own the parents to wean  pet  feather heads.

6.  Has the bird of interest ever been treated or seen by a vet?
              If your feather head has been treated I will have my veterinarian call your veterinarian to demonstrate health has been acquired by proper veterinarian care and treatment as well, diagnosis.
Of course, this ends up on the Internet this will demonstrate a constitution right to privacy of my medical records.
When a person gets up on the Internet and shares  medical records of any bird given to the clients veterinarian  by the sellers veterinarian or to fulfill a contract  pertaining to the health of the birds info and they  put out all over the Internet with intentions to discredit  the seller.   This is should tell others the lack of good judgment with the vigilantism actions by this client.

6.  Is it closed banded with a traceable band and or microchip?
             I microchip all my birds by using a qualified avian veterinarian.  Most chips can be traceable back to the veterinarian who purchased the chips.

7.  What kind of cage is required?
 I'm an aviculturist and not a cage seller.  I count on the buyer to accommodate their feather heads.  If I do not trust the seller to put the bird in the proper environment I have no business selling to that person.

Environments are different  for each situation or home  and it is up to the buyer to accommodate for the  needs that best suits them not what I say as a cage salesman/woman ...
I can share with you that I keep my feather heads in a stainless steel cage.

Making this web site is my  way of saying I'm
My hope with this web site is you have enjoyed it even if you haven't bought or own a Hyacinthine Macaw. Please let me know how you enjoyed this domain by leaving a message in the guestbook on the front page.

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